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Tummy tuck

Weight loss, age, and having children often result in an excess amount of abdominal skin that will cling on even with a good exercise routine and a healthy diet.

A tummy tuck can be a very transformative procedure for many people. A more contoured stomach that fits in with the patient’s overall body proportions can be a tremendous boost to a person’s self-image and confidence, especially for women who have had children and find their bodies transformed by the experience.

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Dr. Carranza can help you decide if a tummy tuck is the ideal procedure for you.

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The Procedure

A tummy tuck is done under general anesthesia, with a small incision made over the pubic area that extends towards the hips. After the operation, the patient has to wear a special compression garment for approximately two weeks, which helps with the swelling and provides support for the incision.

The body needs time to completely heal, so you should wait a couple of months to see the complete, final result.