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Breast lift

Breastfeeding, weight changes, age, and just simple gravity are some of the reasons why women can find that their breasts are starting to sag and deflate. Mastopexy, also known as Breast Lift, is one type of procedure that seeks to remedy this. Breasts are a very delicate part of the body, and one that carries enormous importance in how a woman feels with her own body.

A Breast Lift can bring newfound self-confidence for women.

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A Breast Lift can bring newfound self-confidence for women, making them feel more attractive in their day to day life. This tends to affect every aspect of her life in a positive way.

Women with small breasts tend to be the ideal candidates for this particular procedure. In the case of women with larger breasts, other procedures are often recommended, as the effects of a Mastopexy on breasts with bigger volume are not as long-term.

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The Procedure

This surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia, and, depending on each patient, takes from one to two hours to complete. There are two types of techniques used to achieve a Mastopexy; both are designed to give short, less noticeable scars.

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Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Each technique has its pros and cons. The choice of either one completely depends on what is best for you and your particular case. Dr. Carranza will walk you through the steps carefully and help you choose the correct technique and procedure for you.

Patients may experiences soreness and bruising after the surgery, but this will fade away after a few days. A good, supportive bra will allow the patient to return to their usual routine usually just a week after the surgery.