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Breast reconstruction surgery

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Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast reconstruction is usually the last parenthesis within the exhausting journey that can be breast cancer treatment. But as many patients attest, it can also be one of the strongest steps towards emotional healing, making women feel more like themselves again, and happier with their own bodies.

Depending on the patient, this procedure may be done at the same time as the amputation, but some cases may require this surgery to happen at a later date, after all chemotherapy has been finished.

There are several techniques available for reconstructing the breast: procedures that use fat and tissues from the own patient give a more natural shape and feel, and tend to wether future changes in weight and posture better, but on the other hand the use of implants may diminish the possibility of future complications in certain cases.

It is worth mentioning that breast reconstruction may also affect the other, unaffected breast in order to achieve the right symmetry between both.

A prior consultation with your doctor is essential in establishing the best plan of action for each patient.