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Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is used to surgically reshape the outer parts of the ear. Unlike other procedures, this is a type of surgery that can be done even from an early age, and many parents opt for the procedure in order to reduce the size of overly big or protruding ears in their children to avoid possible bullying or self-confidence issues.

Otoplasty patients usually enjoy an immediate surge of self-confidence in their appearance.

Otoplasty is not just for children, either. Earrings are a common source of injuries; earlobes can easily get pulled and damaged, and piercing holes growing enlarged is a common complaint.

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Computer Imaging

After taking your picture, Dr. Carranza uses photo-editing programs to get a realistic idea of what the final result will look like. This is the moment to ask questions and tell us what you want.

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Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

The Procedure

Otoplasty in adults is usually done with local anesthesia and sedation, but in children it’s carried out with general anesthesia. The surgery takes from 1 to 2 hours, and the small incisions the doctor will make will be made behind the ear’s natural folds, making it easy to hide the scars. Most patients leave for home that very same day, with ears properly bandaged and dressed to ensure their safe healing.

Patients are prescribed plenty of rest, fluids, and keeping the head elevated, even during sleep, which often means sleeping on a recliner or propping yourself up on pillows on bed. The doctor will be in contact with you during your recovery, which takes 1 to 2 weeks on average.

We usually place a cast on the nose, to prevent the swelling from altering the final result, and which will be removed after a week. Most patients are able to return to their usual daily activities after two weeks, though it’s important to consider that it takes time for the nose to fully heal from the procedure. In some cases, up to a year. However, you will be able to see the final result of your new look long before that.