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Eyelid surgery

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Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Often called eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty eliminates the excess skin and fat that can often be found around the eyes, a common byproduct of aging, and often made more prominent by certain types of eye shapes.

Because the eyes are probably the most expressive feature of the face, and usually the first thing other people notice, the results from this procedure can be very dramatic in how much they can refresh and energize a person’s appearance. Eyelid surgery doesn’t just solve aesthetic concerns — in some cases, excessive skin around the eyes can even significantly reduce a person’s field of vision.

A prior consultation with your doctor is essential in determining how the face’s symmetry would be impacted by the procedure, if there are additional procedures required (adding Botox is the best way to eliminate those pesky crow’s feet), and to talk the patient through the expected results.