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Buttock augmentation

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Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Men and women that discover that their buttock area does not respond to diet and exercise can undergo this aesthetic procedure, which is popularly known as the Butt Lift. A butt lift will add volume to your backside, and give you a more voluptuous profile.

This is a very visual transformative procedure, and getting it done is a very personal decision; one you should make with careful consideration and after consultation with your doctor.

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The Procedure

There are 2 techniques used to perform a butt lift:

There are 2 techniques used to perform a butt lift.

The first one is with a fat transfer, which involves collecting the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body and then introduced into the muscle fibers of the buttock. Because this method involves taking fat from the body (usually the lower back, waist, thighs or stomach) it means that the whole body is contoured, and thus the butt lift achieves a more dramatic result.

The second technique is done with implants, which can be placed under the skin or under the muscles, depending on the patient. Implants are usually recommended for patients that don’t have enough body fat to harvest for a fat transfer.

Either technique should help the patient achieve the results they want. The procedure can be done either with local or general anesthesia, and any pain can be controlled with pain-killers during the recovery process. The patient will wear a special compression garment that helps keep everything snug and tight while the body recovers. Regular movement and exercise can be restarted about a month post-operation.