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Reconstructive hand surgery

The use of our hands is an indispensable part of daily life. The smallest degree of pain or discomfort can have a deep impact on our everyday activities, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that hand surgeries encompass almost a category of their own. A surgeon with ample experience is needed when it comes to the delicate procedures usually required for the hand.

Skin Grafting

The following are some of the most commonly done procedures:

Not all hand surgeries deal with function; skin grafting is recommended to improve the appearance of the hand, usually the side effect of burns, injury or illness. This surgical procedure removes skin from another healthy-looking area of the body, and transplanting it to the hand.

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Closed Reduction

This procedure is used to set a broken bone without cutting the skin open. This will allow the fractured bone to heal in correct alignment. The process works best when it is done soon after the fracture has occurred.

Tendon Repair Surgery

An injured nerve in the hand can cause a lack of sensation, movement, or both, and while some injuries heal on their own time, others will require surgical repair. There are three main nerves that run along the hand, and when the injury is severe enough, your doctor will need to either stitch or graft the two ends of the damaged nerve together in order to promote its healing.

Surgical Drain and Debridement

A surgical drain is recommended in cases where an abscess in the hand requires the removal of pus, blood or other fluids. Debridement, on the other hand, is a cleaning process, usually used to prevent infection or to promote the healing of a severe injury.

Joint Replacement

Joints can get damaged by arthritis or injury, in which case a replacement is needed. The prothesis is designed to replicated the normal movement of the joint; they can be made out of metal, plastic, silicone, or even from the patient’s own tissue.

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When the worst happens, and the fingers get amputated, usually by way of some kind of injury, the best solution it to get it replanted. This can only be done if the lost finger or hand is still intact. The procedure is done by way of Microsurgery, which is a complex and painstakingly detailed surgery that uses magnification lenses.