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Labia minoraplasty

This surgical procedure alters the labia minora, which are the inner folds that surround the vulva. Every woman’s body is uniquely different, and the size, color and shape of labia can vary significantly from woman to woman, and even change with age and childbirth.

Labiaplasty has become one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures of the last few years. There are many reasons for this, and not all of them are cosmetic. Many women will experience pain or discomfort when wearing certain clothing or when performing activities like horseback riding, spinning or sex. The procedure will remove any excess labial skin, ending up with a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Most women will be able to leave the hospital that same day. Swelling and some discomfort are expected.

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Labiaplasty is also used to repair labia that have been deformed by injuries, piercings, tumors, or, more commonly, previous Labiaplasty procedures that were not done correctly.