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Rhinoplasty is widely considered to be one of the most complicated cosmetic surgery procedures to perform. The nose is the centerpiece of your face, so even small changes can drastically enhance or alter the appearance of your features. It takes skill and many years of experience to master the techniques and vision needed to create a natural-looking nose that will coexist in harmony with the rest of your face.

Dr. Carranza is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, and he’s been making beautiful, natural-looking noses for over 30 years.

Your Consultation

Getting a nose job is a very personal decision, and one you should make carefully and with consideration. Your first consultation should help you answer any doubts or questions you might have, wether Rhinoplasty is the right choice for you, and if it is, what type of technique is the right one for your particular case.

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Computer Imaging

After taking your picture, Dr. Carranza uses photo-editing programs to get a realistic idea of what the final result will look like. This is the moment to ask questions and tell us what you want.

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The Procedure

There are two main types of techniques used to perform rhinoplasty. The choice of either one will be determined by the specific anatomy of your facial features, the shape of your nose, and the desired results.

It can be done either with general anesthesia or with local anesthesia with sedation. This is not a painful procedure, but most patients will experience some swelling around the nose. This swelling is completely normal, and will disappear in a few days. Nasal congestion is another temporary side-effect of the procedure.

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We usually place a cast on the nose, to prevent the swelling from altering the final result, and which will be removed after a week. Most patients are able to return to their usual daily activities after two weeks, though it’s important to consider that it takes time for the nose to fully heal from the procedure. In some cases, up to a year. However, you will be able to see the final result of your new look long before that.