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Breast asymmetry

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Dr. Carranza can help you decide if this procedure is ideal for you.

No human body is 100% symmetrical, and though this is often especially noticeable in a woman’s breasts, a slight asymmetry in size is considered to be quite normal and common.

Some women, however, can exhibit a higher degree of asymmetry, either in the size or shape of her breasts, and if this is a trait she feels insecure about, there are several surgical procedures that can help solve the problem.

Breast Reduction can be used in the case of a breast being too large, likewise Breast Augmentation is usually used to enlarge a breast that remained too small. In the case of a breast that sags more than its companion, a Breast Lift is commonly used.

Each woman and each case is different; some patients may even need several procedures to correct the problem.